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Game Update : September 7, 2017 - Barnacle Cove/Shipwreck Shore

Ahoy Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! Our team at Prodigy has been hard at work, making their own magic behind the scenes, and we're excited to bring their work to you!  

As promised, on the tail of our character update, Prodigy is able to release major updates and add new equipment more frequently.  

Get ready to explore Shipwreck Shore! Previously Barnacle cove, wizards now have the opportunity to engage in a new nautical adventure! 

In addition to the updated Shipwreck Shore, we are also releasing some new items in the Firefly Store.

Firefly Store Items

Before you head to Shipwreck Shore...drop by the merchant in Firefly forest, and check out some of the new items that the character update has allowed us to provide.

Shipwreck Shore

The winds are changing in the world of Prodigy and we are happy to announce that another major update is now upon us.  As many of our zones have be going through changes to update the look of the game, Captain Eve has moved from Barnacle Cove to Shipwreck Shore in her ongoing search for the water gem!! (Eve has had an update too! Yar!!)



With our new update, new quests, treasures and zones will be available!  Starting from the main hub, you will be able to move onto a shipwrecked vessel. 


"Dont forget to collect an air bubble...this will let you breathe underwater."


"Ink spots?!?  How are we going to get around those??"

"...and more ship!  Wow.  What else could be waiting?"


While the content may have changed, the life and feel of the zone remains the same.  The overall look is richer, more vivid and contains many new beautiful moving components like underwater air bubbles and seaweed.

We sure hope you enjoy the new zone.  Stay tuned for more enhancements coming in the future! 


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