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Sign in with Google with an existing Prodigy student account.

If you do not have an existing student account, you can now sign in with your Google account to create one.

You can either watch the video, or follow the steps below to proceed. 

Go to www.prodigygame.com/play/ and click on "Sign in with Google".



-If you are not signed into a Google account on this browser, you’ll be prompted to do so as normal with your Gmail address and password.  Enter your Google email address and click "Next", then enter your Google password and click "Next to proceed.

-If you sign into (or are already signed into) a Google account on this browser with multiple email addresses associated with it, you will be asked to choose which email address you’d like to link to your Prodigy account.

Click on "I have a Prodigy account"


Enter your Prodigy username and password.  

Please Note: Since you're linking a student account, you'll want to input a prodigy username and not an email.  Using the email address could cause a conflict and not link properly in the system.


And you're done!  You can now proceed working with your account!

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