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Sign in with Google!

Prodigy is proud to announce that teachers and parents can now sign in, and link their accounts to their Google account!

Please follow the steps below to proceed.

For instructions on how to create your free parent or teacher account with Google, click here.


For instructions on how to link your existing parent or teacher account with Google, click here.

Why would I want to use my Google sign in for Prodigy?

Using Google as a sign in is just one less password that you will have to remember!  If you are using Chrome and are signed in, you will automatically be signed into your Prodigy account every time.  That's one less username and/or password to remember! 

Is it secure?

When you sign in with your Google Apps account, you are entering your Google password on Google's servers. Google will not share your Google information with Prodigy, and Prodigy never shares any of your personal information with Google. 


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