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Group Memberships: Usage & Application

Planning on purchasing a group membership with us? 
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Once purchased and applied to a student's account the membership can be used at school, at home or anywhere the student can access Prodigy on any of our supported platforms.
Group memberships are not simply restricted to the classroom!
Memberships can be removed from a student account and applied to a different student account during the time they remain valid. This is useful if memberships are to be re-purposed for new students at the start of a new school year.
(Please note: group memberships do not renew automatically and would require repurchasing after expiring.)
In order to facilitate application of memberships after purchase, teachers must first create their own Prodigy Teacher account using their email address. (if they haven't already done so)
An article explaining how to do this can be found here
The memberships are applied to the individual student accounts by the teacher themselves and the teacher will manage the memberships through their Prodigy teacher account.
An article explaining how to apply a purchased membership can be found here
An article explaining how to move an applied membership to a different student account can be found here
In order to facilitate this, the students who are using the memberships must be linked to that teacher's account.
An article explaining how to link a student account to a teacher's account can be found here
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