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How to change your character's equipment

Get a new piece of equipment or just getting bored of your current outfit? Here's how to change your: 

  • Outfit
  • Wand
  • Hat 
  • Boots
  • Buddies


1. Go to and select "Play Prodigy". 

2. Enter your username and password and select "Login". 

3. Select "Next" to proceed to the world selection screen. 

4. Select your desired world or to play offline. 

5. From the main menu bar, select your backpack.


6. From the menu, your currently equipped hat, wand, outfit, boots and buddy are displayed in the bottom left. 


7. To change one of these equipment types, select the equipment type you'd like to change from the bar at the top of the menu. All of your available equipment from that type will be displayed in the bottom right of the menu. 


Use the scroll bar on the right to navigate through all of your available equipment. 

8. Once you've found the item you'd like to equip, click on it to view details and a description about the item. 

9. If you're happy with your item, select "Wear" to equip it. It will automatically replace any item of that type that is currently equipped. 


10. If at any time, you'd like to remove an item, click on it from your list of currently equipped items and select "Remove". Prodigy.png

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