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PvP Update 1.5

What is PvP?
PvP stands for Player vs. Player battles. It is a system that can be used by Prodigy players to challenge other players that are currently in the same world.   More information on PvP can be found here.

Why the changes?
We've made some improvements based on player feedback in an effort to improve the quality of PvP within the Prodigy world.  We will continue to focus on making PvP more accessible for those who may not be aware of the feature, and faster for those who are already engaging in PvP.


Starting PvP With Full Health
Regardless of where the player initiates PvP from, their wizard and their pets should all be fully healed. Requiring the player to find a healstone before every PvP battle to give them the best chance of victory ultimately slows down PvP participation or creates an unfair fight for those who don't heal. By considering each PvP battle it's own instance, it's reasonable to expect that players should begin with a fully healed team.

Once the PVP battle is over, players and their pets should be returned to their pre-PvP state of health. This ensures that players who are deeper into a quest do not use PvP as a way of healing without a healstone and ensures that no exploits are encouraged.

PvP Limited to Wizard and One Pet
To encourage users to participate in more PvP battles and allow them to complete faster, PvP battles now limit the players to use their Wizard character and one pet in their lineup. The PvP eligible pet will be denoted in the pet selection with a PvP marker. Players are free to swap any pet into the designated PvP slots between battles. 



Combo Meter
To ultimately speed up combat, we will be implementing a combo meter that increases with each consecutive correct question, also increasing a players attack damage bonus. With a wrong answer, players will drop their streak bonus and need to start building it up again.

Each player will be able to see both their own meter and their opponents. 



Combo Level
0 0 Damage Bonus
1 +10% Damage Bonus
2 +20% Damage Bonus
3 +30% Damage Bonus
4 +40% Damage Bonus
5 +50% Damage Bonus


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