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What are potions?
Potions are items in game that will give wizards bonus effects to help their chances in battle.  Potions will have a variety of bonuses, but will only affect players during regular scenarios.  These bonuses will only help within the Prodigy world while fighting monsters, and not in the PvP Arena.  Whenever a potion is in use by a player, an icon will be displayed below the pet/wizard that used it during battle.

PLEASE NOTE : Potions are available to Members only.  To find out how to become a Member, click here.

Where can I get potions?
Members can purchase potions from Scientist Slimerella in Lamplight Town.  Depending on which potion is used, the wizard will receive buffs to their attributes for one battle. (the battle in which the potion was consumed in)


Where are my potions once I've bought them?
You can find your potions in your backpack under your items tab, and under your battle menu after you have purchased them.


Can I use more than one potion in a battle?
Yes!  You most certainly can use more than one potion.  However, when you use a new potion, the original potion's effects will wear off.  When you select a new potion, you will receive a pop-up message warning you that you are going to lose your previous buff.  Choose wisely.


Will I lose my potion buff if I switch to a pet in a battle?
No.  As you are still within the same battle, your wizard will continue to have whatever bonus you have acquired by using a potion.  Once the battle is over, your bonus will be gone.

What types of potions are available?
There are many potions available in game.  The ones that our vendors know about are listed here.  Keep an eye out, more could be found in game!


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