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In-Game Chat Feature - Safety & Privacy

As Prodigy is an online persistent game, one of the many in-game social features is Prodigy's chat function.

One of the regularly posed questions that we receive "Is this safe for my child or student?"  To put it simply...the answer is yes.

This is an amazing question, and there is good reason for being cautious when it comes to social elements of online play, especially as it pertains to school aged children.  In regards to this, Prodigy is absolutely dedicated to ensuring the protection of our users' privacy.

While the chats and friends list can't be disabled, your students are always welcome to play in "offline" mode where all social elements are disabled and the game is populated by computer players. This is always accessible from the worlds selection screen after logging in.

Only pre-defined sentences that have been deemed safe have been added to the game. The users cannot type or send whatever they would like. This was put into place for privacy and security reasons for the students/children. No personal information, or inappropriate language can be typed out and seen by any other user.

This does not enable or provide the ability to type in text or speak with any other characters in a fashion that would enable the sharing of personal information, which, to be clear, does not exist in the game in any format.

PLEASE NOTE: The chat function will NOT allow the sharing of any personal information about the player or their username. There is no ability to chat live to anyone on their friend list, or send any other form of communication such as an email or instant message. Prodigy continues to value the privacy of our users and is committed to user safety online and this includes our Friends List, Chat and other features.

Be sure to get social with us!

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