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Parent Account vs Teacher Account

In order to make our parent/teacher accounts reflective of their respective user experience, the following changes are now in place.

Please consult the table below to choose which account would accommodate your specific needs:

Feature Parent Teacher
Membership Management button-76783_640.jpg button-76783_640.jpg
Reports button-76783_640.jpg



Student Account Management

(Grade override & password)

button-76783_640.jpg button-76783_640.jpg
Child Specific Dashboard button-76783_640.jpg  
Manage Multiple Classes   button-76783_640.jpg
Class Code   button-76783_640.jpg
Standardized Test Prep   button-76783_640.jpg
Assignments/Plans   button-76783_640.jpg
Class Specific Dashboard   button-76783_640.jpg

For access to the parent specific knowledge base, please click here.

For access to the teacher specific knowledge base, please click here.


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