Epics Arena

If you own one of the Prodigy Epics, you can visit the Epics Arena for a chance to win cool items!

Please Note:

Mythical Epics are not able to be used in the Epics Arena

To enter the Arena, once in the Epics Subspace, simply navigate to either of the two Portals to your left or right.EpicsArena1.png

Once entering either Portal, you will see that each Epic has its own unique Arena! Keep in mind that you can only enter the Arena for any Epics that you own. If there is no Epic on the Portal to their Arena, that means they're on your team and that you can enter! 

In the example below, this player only owns Arctursus and can enter their Portal, but not the others.

Unique Rewards:

Inside the arena, your Epic will fight wave after wave of enemies.  The further you progress, the better chance you have to get rare and unique items based on your Epic.

When you first start the arena, you will be granted a chance at a battle bonus.


You can also see how far you have progressed through the challenge at the top of the Battle Screen!



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