Epics Subspace - Home of the Epics!

The Epics Subspace is a zone where Epic-owners are able to visit the most powerful pets in the Prodigy world; the Epics!  

This is a world built especially for the Epics, who rest here in their statue form.  


After entering the zone, you will see that Macha is here visiting the Epics home as well.


Feel free to visit each of the zones to get to know the Epics better.  Each Epic has its own zone represented by its face on the teleport pad.  

Once inside the area for the specific Epic you have chosen, you will be prompted by a different character depending on if you own the Epic for that zone or not.  

If you already own the specific Epic, you will see Macha waiting to send you to the Epics Arena! Learn more about the Epics Arena by clicking on this link.  

Wandering Wares

Macha will also sell you rare Epics gear! Use Old Copper Coins/Relic Coins to purchase toy-related gear that represents your favourite Epics from Macha's Toy shop!  

(Macha doesn't like to deal with gold...)

After speaking to Macha, choose between Helmets or Wands, and view the Epic gear available.

If you have enough Old Copper Coins, you can represent all of your favourite Epics by buying all of their gear!



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