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FAQ : Standardized Test Prep

Are you looking to setup your class for a standardized test?  Are you wondering how it works with other components of Prodigy?  Look no further, this article will lead you through, and get your class on their way.

Here's how to set up your students for their test prep. 

1. Go to and select the "Login" button from the top right of the page. 


2. Enter your registered email address and password and select "Login". 

3. Select the class that you'd like to create your test prep within. 

4. Select "Planner" from the sidebar menu on the left. 


5. Select "Assign standardized test prep".


When starting, you will be asked to select which test you would like to use, and which grade level that is to be assigned.  

A full list of supported States, suggested curriculum, and applicable tests can be located here.

(Please Note: Prodigy supports Ontario, and all States excluding Pennsylvania and Minnesota.)

6. Once you have decided on your test, you will be prompted for a date range for your students.  This can be modified after creation if an error was made.


The test does have the some of the elements of both the plan, and assignment functions through the planner setup that you are most likely already used to.  Here is a list of the test prep's functionality.

Standardized Test Prep

  • Only a single test can be active at one time.  These cannot overlap.
  • Provided class wide by default, no option to exclude students.
  • Detailed reporting (Show's questions asked, and answers given if incorrect)
  • All skills provided by grade and curriculum, no option to modify
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No hints (Test style atmosphere)
  • No adaptive elements.  Student will encounter all questions in the skill if assigned
  • There is no grade restriction for the class.  If applied through the planner, all students within the class should receive the test prep
  • The student can 'fail out' of the test prep if too many questions are answered incorrectly in succession.  If this is the case, they will not be prompted with any further questions from that specific test prep.


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