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The Academy and Water Gem...Where Are They Now?

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! Our team of wizards here at Prodigy are always hard at work, making their own magic behind the scenes. We are excited to give an update on a couple of our most pressing questions.  "Where do I get the Water Gem?" and "How do I access the Academy?"



So, the quick answer.....



...currently the Academy is unreachable. You can currently collect the Warden Keystones from the following zones:

  • The Firefly Forest
  • Shiverchill Mountain
  • Skywatch
  • Bonfire Spire

At this time however, you are unable to collect the warden keystone for Barnacle cove. This stone will be required in order to enter the Academy.

Barnacle Cove is scheduled for a re-work sometime in the future but we can't say when just yet I'm afraid but when it does come you can expect to be able to earn the water gem for your wizard.

Until that time there are lots of cool things to explore in Prodigy! Have you tried any of the following?

  • The Coliseum: Lamplight's original wizard dueling grounds! Visit the Coliseum in Lamplight Town to battle other players or some of Lamplight's greatest up and coming wizards for cool rewards.

  • Bounties: Bounties give you rewards for capturing monsters around the Prodigy Island. Visit the Bounty board in Lamplight town to start your first bounty!

  • The digging mini-game: Earn cool rewards by digging for treasure in Dyno Dig Oasis!

  • The dancing mini-game: Try out your robot dancing skills in the dance mini-game in Lamplight town.

We hope this gives you some ideas for things to explore while you're waiting for the zone re-work.

We appreciate your patience, and we will be sure to throw a party when these are available!! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. 

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