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Sir Vey!

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! We are excited to introduce a new friend to the Prodigy world. Have you ever wanted to pass on your ideas to the team at Prodigy??  Well look no introducing our new friend...Sir Vey!!

Since he is not magical himself, Sir Vey is trying to learn as much about wizards as possible, as they are very interesting to him. He was knighted not for his skills in combat, but because of his research into many subjects.

You can find Sir Vey at the docks on the south side of Lamplight Town and answer any questions that he may have for you.  You will be rewarded a slice of pizza or other food for assisting our inquisitive knight.

Sir Vey may not always have questions, but make sure to check in regularly. This will give you to chance to make your voice heard, and help build the world of Prodigy!!


We sure hope you like the updates that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun.

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