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Storm Pets

Below is a complete list of Storm pets complete with weaknesses, strengths, grade list and potential evolution.

Storm Pets are Powerful against: Water Pets 

Storm Pets are Weak against: Ice Pets 


Name Life Grade Power Grade Growth Evolution
Acromi C C A


Arbite A C B -
Browl C C A Acromi
Cloaker A- C B Arbite
Cloud Caller B B A- Cloud Creator
Cloud Gobbler A B A+ -
Cloud Neek B- B A Cloud Caller
Cloud Nibbler B B B Cloud Gobbler
Cogmite B B B Gearsite
Evolotus C- B A+ -
Gearsite A C B -
Gloricious B+ A D- -
Highfawn B+ A D -
Hob C B A Wick
Luminex A B C -
Luminite C B A Lumiot
Lumiot B B B Luminex
Mystyyk B B B+ -
Nebluff C C A -
Nebulite A B C -
Prodraxis B+ B A- -
Pterrocks B+ B B- -
Pterrotell C+ A B- Pterrocks
Snoots B+ A D+ Highfawn
Solarasis A- B D -
Solarix B+ B C Solarasis
Soral B B B Solarix
Squawks B B A Tribeak
Tribeak A B B -
Wick B B B Nebulite
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