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Fire Pets

Below is a complete list of Fire pets complete with weaknesses, strengths, grade list and potential evolution.

Fire Pets are Powerful against: Earth Pets 

Fire Pets are Powerful against: Ice Pets 

Fire Pets are Weak against: Water Pets


Name Evolution


Aracute Arachex
Ashlet Smoldash
Burnewt Singenewt
Charfoal Inferneigh
Dragic Dragling
Dragling Tarragon
Embershed -
Emburn Liosen
Flame Caller Flame Creator
Flame Creator -
Flame Neek Flame  Caller 
Flameger -
Flaria -
Hotpot -
Inferneigh Pyromane
Infernewt -
Liosen -
Mystember -
Puck Flaria
Pyromane -
Serrazig -
Singenewt Infernewt
Smoldash -
Sprite Serrazig
Tarragon -
Terromite Terrosaur
Terrosaur -
Tinyger Tyscout
Tyscout -
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